Have You Met Nora?I met Nora and she so messed up, I like Nora and I sort of want to grab her and shake here. I am currently reading this book by Nicole Blades.

Here is the juicy synopsis of Blades’ latest contemporary women’s fiction:


She’s blossomed from a wealthy surgeon’s beautiful daughter to elegant socialite to being the top fashion stylist in the country. And Nora Mackenzie is only days away from marrying into one of New York’s richest, most powerful families. But her fairy tale rise is rooted in an incredible deception—one scandal away from turning her perfect world to ashes . . .

What no one knows is that Nora is the biracial daughter of a Caribbean woman and a long-gone white father. Adopted—and abused—by her mother’s employer, then sent to an exclusive boarding school to buy her silence, Nora found that “passing” as a white woman could give her everything she never had.

Now, an ex-classmate who Nora betrayed many years ago has returned to her life to even the score. Her machinations are turning Nora’s privilege into one gilded trap after another. Running out of choices, Nora must decide how far she will go to protect a lie or give up and finally face the truth.

Have you ever read any Nicole Blades’ novel? I enjoyed The Thunder Beneath Us and I am trying my best to not be angry and annoyed with Nora.

What are your thoughts on passing?

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