About MJV

Hi and welcome. I am Chantel DaCosta, a Jamaican Researcher and Writer. My Jamaican Vignettes is my space to share and connect.  I am a lover of books and telling stories is my passion.  One of my primary goals is the creation of a thriving network of Caribbean emerging writers.

I post on Wednesdays and Sundays. On Sundays, I share personal essays. These personal essasys are posted at least once per month.  And on Wednesdays, every Wednesday I share my first love, reading, I post book reviews and book discussions.

The Journey 

My journey to My Jamaican Vignettes has been a very round about one.  Let me start from the very beginning. I started blogging in October 2014, I started on Tumblr, with The Stories of Chantel DaCosta. The blog was initially for sharing longer stories and commentary while I did the Start Writing Fiction class from the Open University via FutureLearn.

After the class ended I started to review books and often shared my own flash fiction pieces.  In 2015 most of my content came from the 2015 PopSugar Reading Challenge that I had committed to. I loved the enthusiasm of Tumblr’s booklr community. However, the interface and community connection and discussion for limited (it has improved since 2014 and I am still a proud member of adult booklr).

Then in December 2015, I was invited to start a Channillo series.  I had the option for fiction, nonfiction, poetry, I chose to start a weekly column that I named, My Jamaican Vignettes.   Channillo is amazing site for writers to connect with each other, however, it is closed off by a subscription paywall and I wanted to share more.

The Merge 

So in March 2016, I took the plunge and started this WordPress blog and I love it. Considering that now I had two active blogs, in July 2016, I merged the blogs.  The Stories of Chantel DaCosta is now an official category for book reviews and discussions every Wednesday.

Lets Stay Connected 

Connect with me on Twitter, @MyJamaicanV and @lucifree

You can also follow the My Jamaican Vignettes Facebook page for regular updates and news.

Join Me and Let’s Learn and Grow Together 

I am always willing to discuss books and participate in bookish events, blog tours, discussions and share any publication news, cover reveals and excerpts on the blog. Also,  Caribbean writers, poets and creatives, I would love to connect.

Please join me on my journey to creating a life of abundance, light and creative energy.




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  2. Nice to meet you Chantal. Keep writing – you have the passion and fire in the belly. I am deeply graateful for your follow of my blog

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